A DWI Lawyer in Worcester County, MD Should Be Contacted When You’ve Been Arrested

by | May 3, 2018 | Attorney

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Whether a driver lives in the area or is in the state on vacation, a DWI offense can have long-lasting effects. Even if a driver refuses to take a breathalyzer test, they are still entitled to a hearing that will determine if they will have permission to drive to and from work and whether they must have an interlock device installed on their vehicle.

When a driver is convicted of subsequent DWI’s, the penalty will continue to increase. A driver will lose their license for two years if they refuse a breathalyzer test for a second offense. A driver should always contact a DWI lawyer in Worcester County, MD as soon as possible to immediately begin protecting their rights and their driver’s license.

Stopped by the Police

In some situations, a driver was not properly processed and the officer may have had the individual sign forms that were not properly completed. An attorney will review all of these forms to determine if they are correct. It is very important for a driver who has been arrested to share as much information as they can remember about the arrest.

Alcohol Class

It is important for an arrested driver to sign up for an alcohol class as soon as possible after their arrest. It will look good on their behalf in the event the driver requests a hearing to fight the charges. The alcohol class will look good to the court and shows good faith on behalf of the driver.

Other Requirements

In Wicomico and Worcester counties, the judges require an individual to take the Mothers Against Drunk Driving class for two hours. The DWI law changes frequently and can vary from one county to another. This is why it is so important to contact a DWI lawyer in Worcester County, MD, to protect their rights.

Protecting your driving privileges will be the top priority of an Ocean City Lawyer. Failing to protect your rights will lead to harsher penalties for any future arrests. Time is of the essence after a DWI arrest to file requests for hearings, and the first call after an arrest should be to an experienced attorney.