Speak with an Alimony Attorney in New Market for a Solid Agreement

by | May 4, 2018 | Attorney

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Alimony and child support are similar and at the same time very different. Alimony is also known as spousal support and is money that is paid to a former or current spouse that helps to financially support them. Child support is established when a couple with a child does not live in the same home and it’s financial support to pay for basic necessities for the child.

Alimony is not based on a set guideline like child support is. Alimony is stopped when one of the parties passes away, or the receiver of the alimony gets remarried. An alimony attorney in New Market can help an individual obtain alimony or fight against its establishment.

When Should Alimony Be Filed For?

An individual should file for alimony at the same time a divorce is filed. If an individual does not make a claim at the time of their divorce, they cannot make it later in the process.

Establishing Alimony

If the alimony order is structured properly, the paying party will be able to deduct the money that is paid each year from their tax return. The person who receives the alimony will have to file a tax return and claim the alimony as part of their income. Alimony will be used in the calculation of child support.

Types of Alimony

When the court awards alimony, they could award pendente lite, rehabilitative or indefinite alimony. This type of situation can cause a great deal of tension between the couple, and it’s very important to have an alimony attorney in New Market draft the agreement. When an alimony agreement is written properly, the parties can establish or waive a set amount of alimony.

When a couple agrees to an alimony agreement, the court will not be able to modify, establish, or terminate alimony in a separate action. This provides the peace of mind a couple will need during this process.

Understanding the family law and receiving an alimony order that is correct is very important. If alimony cannot be paid by an individual, they could be held in contempt and put in jail. Get legal help before signing any agreement or divorce decree.