An Accident Lawyer in Norfolk, VA Explains the Rights of a Passenger Involved in an Auto Accident

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Lawyers

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Anyone involved in a car accident knows how scary this situation is. Drivers feel responsible, even if there is nothing they could do to avoid the accident. However, what about the passengers in the car? They are frequently forgotten, even if they have sustained injuries. What rights do passengers have when it comes to making a claim?

The Positive Aspect

Passengers in an automobile accident have a major advantage over the drivers involved. They don’t need to prove who was liable for the accident, as liability falls on one or more of the drivers. In certain situations, multiple drivers will be held accountable, limiting their claims. This isn’t the case for passengers, as they had no role in the accident. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Proving Liability

The problem passengers in a motor vehicle will have is determining who should be named in any claim. In a single-vehicle crash, the driver is considered liable. However, when multiple vehicles are involved, the passenger may be able to file claims against each driver. This could lead to a delay in settling the claim though and passengers need to be aware of this. An accident Lawyer in Norfolk, VA will be of help in determining which driver or drivers should be named in one or more claims.

Multiple Passengers

Sadly, most insurance policies have limits on damages. When multiple passengers are injured, the compensation requested may exceed these limits. Any person who has retained an attorney will likely get more money simply because the attorney can argue they need more. Don’t let this happen. Obtain legal representation to ensure any bills related to the accident are covered.

Insurance companies function to pay out the least amount possible. Ensure you get the compensation you deserve by hiring an accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA. Many individuals choose to retain Price Perkins Larkin in this situation, and you may wish to do the same. They can be of help in ensuring you receive compensation for any medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more. Contact them, as you should not be responsible for any bills associated with the accident. They work to ensure you aren’t.