Steps For Filing Through A Disability Claims Attorney

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Legal Services

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In Texas, Social Security Disability benefits are provided according to the program for which the claimant was approved. Supplementary Security Income assists families with low incomes. Social Security Disability Insurance is provided to claimants who used to work. A Disability Claims Attorney assists claimants who were denied the benefits.

The Final Decision from the SSA

The original claim is denied or approved by the Social Security Administration. The decision is included in a letter that the claimant receives from the government agency. It must explain in detail the exact reasons why the claim was denied. If it was approved, the SSA provides details about payments and back-pay.

Collecting the Correct Medical Evidence

The attorney representing the claimant collects the appropriate medical evidence. All medical records that outline the condition are included in the legal claim. The files should start on the date in which the individual was diagnosed by their doctor. All medical treatment for the condition is included in the claim as well.

Acquiring Medical Witnesses

The claimant needs medical witnesses that understand their eligible condition. Typically, the doctors that have treated or are treating the patient offer testimony in the case. The details explain how the condition affects the claimant throughout their life. The testimony could include the lasting effects that prevent the claimant from working in any industry. The doctor defines whether or not the condition could be curable or if it is permanent.

What Happens if the Claimant Wins Their Case?

The claimant receives back-pay for their condition. It started when the patient was diagnosed originally for their disability. The court provides a lump sum payment for the back-pay. The claimant will receive monthly benefits starting on the first of the following month.

In Texas, Social Security Disability benefits are provided to disabled individuals who can no longer work. The benefits provide financial support for disabled individuals who cannot support themselves due to their eligible condition. The SSA explains all requirements for the programs and defines which conditions are qualifying options. Claimants who want to start a claim with a Disability Claims Attorney are encouraged to contact Eric R. Hunt Attorney right now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.