An Accident Lawyer in Roseville, CA Get Victims the Right Compensation

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Lawyers

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When something bad happens we call them accidents, but when these things happen because of someone’s negligence or could have been avoided a legal team will be needed. Contacting a lawyer after an accident can protect the victim and guide people on the next steps necessary to get the right compensation. An accident lawyer in Roseville, CA will represent their clients should an accident claim need to go to court.

Hiring an attorney after an accident can benefit clients as many are confused and do not know what the first steps they need to take in filing a claim against the guilty party. An attorney will also deal directly with the insurance company; many insurance agencies will try to settle a claim quickly with the lowest amount of money possible to the injured party. An insurance agency has lawyers working to keep their costs low that is why a victim should have an attorney working for them. An accident lawyer in Roseville, CA will keep clients from being forced to accept a settlement that may not cover damages and medical bills.

Insurance companies do not take into consideration the lost time at work and continued medical bills for more extensive injuries. There are times when injuries can cause long-term effects that can impair a person for years, and some injuries can reoccur years later requiring further medical attention. Recovery time and rehabilitation can take victims away from work and earning money to support their families. There is also the matter of replacing damaged property such as a vehicle; the insurance companies will not offer enough money in initial settlement offers to cover the cost of a new car and covering medical expenses. The medical bills will come due most of the time before a victim will even see any compensation from the other party.

At Sevey Donahue & Talcott, they understand what an accident victim needs when an unfortunate incident occurs. Their staff goes to work making sure that a victim will be taken care of and is not forced to accept a settlement that is less than the client needs to get back on their feet. Their attorneys are skilled litigators and are not afraid to face off in a courtroom if required, and they offer free consultations and can serve clients in various locations. Visit website to see their areas of practice and to view some of their case profiles.