What Everyone Must Know About Motorcycle Accidents in Phillipsburg, NJ

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Lawyers

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Motorcycles are a unique vehicle. Although they provide more freedom for the driver and rider, they also put these individuals more at risk in the event of an accident. There are no substantial barriers between the individuals on the motorcycle and the road, and other drivers may not see the motorcycle, on account of its smaller size. As a result, anyone on this type of vehicle is more at risk in a collision. Motorcycle Accidents in Phillipsburg NJ are all too common. Thus anyone who owns this type of motor transportation may find they are in need of an attorney following an accident.

Research shows the majority of accidents involving a motorcycle and another vehicle are the fault of the other driver. They failed to provide the right of way and brought about the crash. Sadly, individuals on a motorcycle are 26 times more likely to be killed in a collision and five times more likely to sustain injuries. Although the number of collision fatalities has decreased over the past 15 years for those in an auto or light truck crash, the number of motorcyclists killed during the same time frame has more than doubled.

Road hazards play a role in this. What may be a minor irritation for a driver of a car can be extremely dangerous fro someone on a motorcycle. This could be something as simple as a puddle on the road, or it could be a big pothole. Motorcycles and intersections don’t mix either, as this is where almost three-quarters of accidents take place, and speed wobble, or the tendency of a motorcycle to become unstable at higher speeds, also plays a role in some accidents. These are merely a few of the many ways in which an accident involving a motorcycle may differ from one involving a larger motor vehicle.

An attorney handling Motorcycle Accidents in Phillipsburg NJ will look at numerous factors. First and foremost, they work to determine negligence on the part of other parties. This may be the motorcycle manufacturer, other drivers or another party. Individuals who wish to know more about this process can click here to get additional info. Those that do so learn a great deal more about this type of accident, what it involves and how to prove their case.