An Expert Can Assist You with Your SSI Case

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Attorney

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Are you thinking about filing for social security disability benefits? You should consider contacting an SSI disability Lawyer Chicago to help you through the process. If can be frustrating to file for your claim, however when you hire an experienced attorney they can help you determine if you have a case. They will also be on hand if you are denied benefits to file an appeal to have your claim reviewed. An experienced lawyer will have an understanding of the law and how the review process is completed. If by chance your case should go before a federal court, they will know the court system and how to maneuver through the court proceedings to try to speed the process up.

Benefits of Hiring an SSI Attorney

* An expert will have all the resources needed to help increase the chance of you winning your case. They will also know what it will take to file the claim for you.
* Sometimes a lawyer can get the claim approved faster than without one.
* They have the experience of drafting cases that fall under your condition from the list of impairments provided by social security.
* If your claim is denied you are allowed to file an appeal within sixty days of the denial. An attorney will make sure this appeal is filed in time for you.
* They require very little or no money up front and usually will not charge their clients a fee unless they win their case.
* An attorney has the resources and staff needed to help work a disability claim. This will help eliminate any stress you may feel from filing it yourself and free you up to take care of other important matters in your life.

Do Not Fight Alone when You Can Hire a Trusted Attorney

It can be frustrating to file for an SSI claim, you do not have to feel alone when you hire a reliable lawyer to do the work for you. When searching for an attorney look for one that has years of experience when it comes to disability claims. The longer they have been practicing the more knowledge and skills they will have to help you successfully win. You should ask them if they are licensed to work in the state that your claim is being filed in. Lastly, make sure you ask what their fee is if they charge up front or if they only charge once your case has been won.

Spector & Lenz, P.C. is a respected SSI disability lawyer in Chicago. Contact them today to find out how they can help file your claim for you.