Investigating Unsafe Conditions with a Defective Automobile Lawyer in Pittsburgh.

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Lawyers

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Pennsylvania auto accidents occur for a multitude of reasons: moving violations, road conditions and faulty parts are among the most common causes. Officers investigate the accident to assign blame for the accident and the findings determine if litigation is probable. A defective automobile lawyer in Pittsburgh reviews the case to determine its feasibility.

Investigate and Find the Defect

Scientific testing identifies the automobile defect, and the investigation determines if the defect is the vehicle design or a specific part. The testing specialists investigate similar models, which determines if the defect applies to this vehicle or all automobile of this model.

Next, the specialists determine if the manufacturer knew about these risks, and they must warn consumers when risks are present. If they knew, they are liable for any injuries that occur.

Identify Any Existing Product Recalls

All owners receive notification when a recall begins, which tells them what part needs replacement and where to go to get auto service without cost. The investigation for the automobile in the accident identifies recalls first.

Automobile owners that failed to get the part fixed share the fault. Comparative negligence laws allow the court to reduce the monetary award and the reduction reflects the percentage assigned by the judge, who denies any monetary award if the recalled part is the primary cause of the accident. These circumstances place blame on the owner for failing to get the repairs as directed.

Identify the Defendant

Automobile accident defendant ranges from manufacturers to auto mechanics, and the findings of the investigation identify who is at fault. Claims filed against manufacturers require conclusive evidence of a defect which presents an unreasonable danger to consumers, and they present evidence of the risk that indicates that consumers wouldn’t buy it with knowledge of the risk.

Pennsylvania accident victims find formal claims to get compensation, and they have a two-year period to file these claims. The victim with full tort rights sues for both medical expenses and tort rulings, but those with limited tort receive medical expenses only. A defective automobile lawyer in Pittsburgh helps them with these claims. Victims start this claim by contacting Thomas E. Crenney & Associates LLC today.

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