When To Hire Sexual Harassment Attorneys In Radcliff, KY

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Legal Services

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Kentucky employees are subject to an at-will employment structure. The only exception is when the employee signs a contract with the employer. The contract must designate a guaranteed duration. Without a contract, the employer could terminate the worker at any time. However, the employer must abide by discrimination laws. Sexual harassment attorneys in Radcliff KY protect employers who have become victims.

Creating a Hostile Work Environment

Sexual harassment creates a hostile work environment for all workers. When these actions aren’t corrected, it gives the impression that the employer condones it. This leads to an increase in these unethical behaviors. As sexual harassment increases, more workers become victims and fail to perform their job due to fear in the workplace.

When Sexual Harassment Becomes Physical

Sexual harassment is a crime. However, in most instances, this crime is punished through the company’s policy. This isn’t the case when the harassment goes beyond verbal harassment. Once the aggressor makes physical contact with the victim, it comes assault.

Companies that don’t take steps to stop these actions could face civil litigation. The victim is within their legal rights to file a formal claim. They could also act as a whistle blower if the company is riddled with workers who harass others sexually on a frequent basis. Additionally, the aggressors could face criminal charges based on their actions.

Reviewing Company Policies for Sexual Harassment

Companies that become defendants of a lawsuit are forced to review their policies. These policies don’t work if they allow workers to become victims of sexual harassment. Equally, the company must offer victims a safe location to report these behaviors. The supervisors must take action after these reports and investigate the allegations. A failure to proceed is a great disservice to their workers.

Kentucky employees need to fight against unethical behaviors. Companies that ignore sexual harassment are creating a hostile environment for their workers. They aren’t protecting the employees or their rights. When the lines are blurred, the victims have the right to take action on their own. Victims should Contact Miller & Durham to hire Sexual harassment attorneys in Radcliff KY for their sexual harassment claims.