An FLSA Attorney in Chicago May Provide Representation in COVID-19 Matters

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Law

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When men and women believe they have been treated unfairly by employers in a way that affects their livelihood or well-being, they may want to consult a lawyer with questions. The Fair Labor Standards Act is intended to protect U.S. residents from unjust practices in the workplace. An FLSA attorney in Chicago typically offers complimentary consultations for concerned individuals.

A Current Example

The New York Law Journal reported in April that several lawsuits had already been filed against businesses in regard to the pandemic. Employment-related litigation is expected in the future, according to the publication. One suit has already been filed in California by Uber and Lyft drivers, stating that they should be considered employees and not independent contractors. That would qualify them for benefits such as employer-contributed health insurance and payment for sick days.

Remote Work

Employees might wonder how to proceed if their employer has insisted they work from home at a reduced rate of pay. They may not know whether an employer can demand that they provide all the equipment necessary to work at home. This can become expensive if the worker does not already own these devices. An FLSA attorney in Chicago can answer questions like these and represent workers whose employers are not abiding by the law.

Unreasonable Demands

The question may arise as to whether employees will be able to sue companies for demanding they work in close proximity. Employees may feel there has been a direct or implied threat of termination otherwise. Anyone who wants to discuss employment-related matters with a lawyer may begin with Caffarelli & Associates Ltd.