When to Hire Auto Accident Attorneys in Live Oak, FL

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Accident Attorney

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Florida laws require that all drivers possess no-fault as well as liability auto insurance. Coverage is necessary to cut down on the probability of litigation. If you were injured in an accident in which you didn’t share any blame, you should contact auto accident attorneys in Live Oak, FL today.

Filing a Claim for Accident Injuries

All victims who are injured in Florida during an automobile accident have a limit of three years to file a claim against the other driver or their insurance company. However, it is advisable to file a claim with the insurance company before taking legal action. If the claim doesn’t require an in-depth investigation, the insurance provider should provide a decision quickly.

When an investigation is necessary, the insurance agency is, in fact, determining whether or not the victim shared any fault in the accident. If the insurance provider establishes that the fault is shared, they will pay only a portion of their expenses. The same is true when it comes to litigation. If a judge determines that the comparative fault rules apply in their case, then the judge will reduce the settlement based on the percentage of fault assigned. If the judge establishes that the victim is fifty percent at fault, they will not receive any monetary compensation.

Insurance-Based Penalties

Any driver involved in an automobile accident that is not compliant with local automobile insurance laws is subject to penalties. This includes the victim. The penalties begin with a $300 fine, license suspension, and suspension of vehicle registration. If you were injured in an accident by an uninsured driver, you should contact auto accident attorneys Live Oak, FL residents trust and file a claim.

Accident victims receive compensation for their injuries and property damage by filing a claim through the insurance provider or by filing a lawsuit. If you need legal assistance with a personal injury claim, you should contact Duane E. Thomas, Attorney at Law today.

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