Avoid Conviction with the Help of DUI Defense Attorneys in Santa Clarita CA

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Attorney

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As in many other states, a second or subsequent DUI conviction in the state of Santa Clarita CA will bring a much stiffer sentence than encountered in a first case. A person convicted of DUI will, even with the help of DUI defense attorneys in Santa Clarita CA, face high fines, possibly mandatory jail time, lengthy community service requirements, and a long license suspension. Additionally, repeat offenders are automatically mandated to go to state-accredited alcohol rehab. Second and subsequent DUI charges may affect a person’s current and future work opportunities as well as other arrangements involving background checks.

An Experienced Defense Attorney May Be Able to Help a Client Avoid a Conviction

Because there’s so much at risk, it is important for a person charged with a second drunk driving case to find an experienced DUI lawyer who knows Santa Clarita CA’s laws. And, like a first offense, it is important to act right away, as the repercussions of an arrest are felt immediately. Call DUI defense attorneys in Santa Clarita CA for more details.

What to Expect

If a person faces a second DUI arrest in Santa Clarita CA, this is what they may expect.

* Community service and jail time: A person will have to stay in jail for at least 60 hours unless they agree to do at least 200 hours of community service at an approved facility. The nature of the case dictates whether community service is available as well as whether a longer jail term is required. The state of Santa Clarita CA has the right to give a repeat offender a jail sentence of up to two years.

* Fines: There’s an initial fee not to exceed $1500. However, alcohol rehab fees, court costs and other expenses are to be expected.

* License loss: Most drivers can expect to lose their licenses for up to 18 months, and reinstatement can only be done after rehab is completed. Upon license reinstatement, it is the judge’s responsibility to determine whether the client must install an ignition interlock in their vehicle. This device requires a driver to test his or her BAC before starting the vehicle.

* Rehab and educational programs: Any driver convicted of their second DUI must complete an alcohol education and rehab program at their own expense.

A second DUI has devastating effects on all aspects of a client’s life. Check out Website URL for more details.