How to Hire a Bail Agent in Kingston, NY

In New York, bail bondsmen provide several services for criminal defendants. The most common service is issuing bail bonds to get the defendant released from the county jail. The bail bond is secured with a portion of the bail. A bail agent in Kingston, NY can present details about how to hire them and receive any of their services.

Make Arrangements Through the County Jail

In some jurisdictions, the county jail allows bail bonding agents to access the inmates directly. The agents consult the inmates about their options for getting released from the county jail. They explain what type of bail bond is needed according to the criminal charge applied.

Use a Representative

Criminal defendants get either a family member or their attorney to communicate with a bail bonding agent. The process requires specific information about the defendant and where they are located. The representative manages all financial responsibilities for the criminal defendants when securing the bail bond.

Pay the Necessary Fee for Services

The bonding agents provide calculations for their fee. The lowest amount is ten percent of the bail amount. Some bonding agents can charge up to fourteen percent of the bail amount. The representative must determine what percentage is required when paying for the bail bond. Most bail bondsmen accept cash, credit, and checks for the payment. The representative can use their own money or access the defendant’s financial assets with permission.

Purchase a Bail Bond Using Collateral

Bonding agents accept certain types of collateral for the bail bonds. Real estate, automobiles, and jewelry are the most common forms of collateral accepted by the agents. Some financial assets are accepted, including checking or savings accounts in the representative’s name. All proof of ownership is required before the collateral is approved.

In New York, bail bondsmen make arrangements according to the laws and regulations of their district. Some county jails allow defendants to communicate with agents directly, and others require a formal appointment. A representative can assist the criminal defendant by providing payment or collateral for the bail bond. Criminal defendants who need a bail agent in Kingston, NY can browse our website for further details now.

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