Tips for Finding Tenant Lawyers Chicago

Tenant Lawyers Chicago are those who focus on the legal issues encompassing tenants’ and landlords’ rights, and they can be a valuable resource at a difficult time. From preparing an eviction to creating a lease agreement, a skilled lawyer is worth the investment. Finding the right attorney can be difficult, but the tips listed below can help.

Use Local and State Resources

The state bar association can provide a list of attorneys practicing in the area, as can online legal directories. Real estate and business magazines may include listings for landlord/tenant lawyers. Finally, it may help to ask other lawyers for recommendations. Attorneys often have extensive professional networks, and even when they can’t help a client, they may be able to suggest someone who can.

Make a Short List and Schedule Consultations

Start the search by making a list of local lawyers and calling to schedule consultations with each. It’s important to choose a lawyer who’s responsive to clients’ needs, whether or not they’re urgent. If a lawyer doesn’t return the initial phone call, move on to the next name on the list.

Ask Plenty of Questions

When a potential client talks to Tenant Lawyers in Chicago, they should come prepared with a list of questions. For instance, ask how long they’ve been practicing landlord/tenant law. Experience is an important attribute for a lawyer to have, and they should have worked with similar types of housing in the past. The more questions clients ask, the more they’ll know what to expect from the attorney.

Learn About Billing Procedures and Fees

Attorneys can bill and charge in a variety of ways, and clients should be clear on what they’re going to pay and how they’re going to pay it. During the initial consultation, the potential client should ask for a clear explanation of the firm’s fee structure.

A landlord should consult an attorney if they’re ever investigated for discrimination, illegal eviction, or they’re audited by the Internal Revenue Service. While some landlords can get through these issues alone, Tenant Lawyers Chicago can prevent them from making serious mistakes. Call the law office of Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells today to get more information or schedule a consultation.

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