Choose the Best Divorce Law Firm in Gilbert AZ

It takes minutes to become bound in a marriage, but getting out of it takes a lot longer. Since the process to dissolve a marriage is complicated and also an act granted by the courts, it is wise to find a Divorce Law Firm in Gilbert AZ to guide you through the difficult path. You don’t want to go out and hire a lawyer you know nothing about. Choose a few, perhaps even one that is recommended by a friend, and interview the attorneys to make sure you find the one with the right amount of experience to handle the details of your case.

Visit the Website of the attorneys you have selected and read all you can about them. Make an appointment for a consultation with each to discuss your situation and determine which lawyer will do the best job for you. Some important questions to ask are:

• How much experience each has had handling divorces?

• Whether or not the lawyer has handled cases similar to your situation?

• What the lawyer’s evaluation is after you explain your case and what your expectations are for the conclusion?

• How long does the lawyer think the case will take?

• How does the billing work?

• How much is needed up front?

• Is there a set cost for a divorce?

• Does the lawyer plan on telling you what to do, or ask you what to do? Will the attorney explain the consequences based on your decisions?

The law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. provides prospective and current clients with all of the information needed to determine if the case is a good fit for the attorney and the client. As a prospective client, you will be informed of your chances of getting what you want from the outcome of the case and how much it will cost when it is all over. With a consultation at a Divorce Law Firm in Gilbert AZ, you will be made clearly aware of your legal rights as a spouse and parent. By retaining the right legal representation for your situation, you and your family will be able to heal and get on with your lives.

Divorce is a difficult as well as an emotional process for all who are involved. You need a top lawyer who is able to stand outside of the emotional issues and offer the best logical recommendations to help your case. Go to  for more details.

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