Using Nursing Home Injury Attorneys Rockland County NY To Prove Negligence

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Lawyers

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When someone has an elderly parent who lives in a nursing home, they expect they would be given the best of care. If there is reason to believe that an injury occurred due to the negligence of someone who works in the facility, then Nursing Home Injury Attorneys Rockland County NY would need to be interviewed to help find one that would prove this in court.

There are several steps that can be taken to help prove that someone had sustained an injury under the care of people in a nursing home. If the elderly person is able to speak their mind, they may have told their child outright that they were injured due to someone else’s mistake. In this case, the elderly person may need to go to court to help prove what had happened.

If the elderly person is not able to voice their displeasure in the way they were treated, then some detective work would need to be done to find out what had really happened. Friends and family should make more frequent visits to the facility to check for any markings on the elderly person to make sure they are not still being hurt. This can also catch workers off-guard, possibly stopping someone from continuing to cause injury when dealing with situations.

If there is a suspicion as to who had done the injuring, ask other workers about their work ethics. Someone may step forward in giving a written statement that could be used to help prove a case of negligence. Ask others who live in the facility if they had run into any problems with some of the workers. Indicate that you had heard someone was injured and you were wondering if that was a common practice in the facility. If someone knows something, they may be truthful about what is going on behind the scenes.

If someone is in need of legal representation, hiring Mark Aberasturi or another one of the Nursing Home Injury Attorneys Rockland County NY have to offer would be a smart move. The lawyer would help prove the nursing home is at fault, getting monetary compensation for the patient in return.