How Dog Bite Injury Lawyers in Saint Paul Protect Their Clients

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Personal Injury

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Being the victim of a dog bite is not something that anyone looks forward to experiencing. Along with the trauma, there are medical bills to pay. Depending on the location of the bite, it could be difficult to work for a little while. When this type of situation arises, it pays to consult with one of the Dog Bite Injury Lawyers Saint Paul and see what can be done.

Evaluating the Specifics

One of the first things that any of the dog bite injury lawyers in Saint Paul will want to do is go over exactly what transpired. This means talking about where the event took place, what the client was doing at the time and what occurred once the dog had bitten the client. If there are any witnesses to the episode, the lawyer will also want to talk with them. The goal is to reconstruct the event so there is no misunderstanding about how the bite came to happen.

Contacting the Pet Owner

After determining that the client does have a case, the lawyer will make contact with the pet owner. The goal is to reach a reasonable settlement that will cover any out of pocket expenses suffered by the victim. When the bite will keep the individual out of work for a few days, the settlement request can include the amount of income lost during the recuperation. In the best case scenario, the matter can be settled without having to file charges and go through the courts.

Representing the Client in Court

If the person responsible for the pet is not willing to settle, then there is no choice but to take the matter to court. To that end, the legal counsel will prepare the case and ensure the judge hears every fact about the events leading up to the bite.

For anyone who has been the victim of a dog bite, today is the day to contact Rutzick Law Offices and arrange for a consultation. Doing so will make it possible to seek a settlement and hopefully resolve the issue without having to pursue the matter in a court of law.