Choosing a Law Attorney To Handle Your Divorce or Dispute Resolution Just Makes Sense

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Law

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Anyone who is going through a divorce will tell you that the emotional toll is enormous. To help counter this, a new form of divorce litigation is being practiced involving Law Attorneys. While most everyone has heard of mediation, not many are aware of the role of a law attorney in dispute resolution in Miami, FL. When, in fact, law firms across Florida not only help with divorce cases but also other forms of dispute.

It must be noted that getting legal advice and mediation is not the same thing, although some people use the terms interchangeably. Mediation is typically a one-day event that is expected to resolve an issue immediately. Mediation, generally, does not require an attorney but instead, has one mediator who helps the individuals sort out their problems, be it a divorce or any other type of dispute. The problem that many face, however, is turning to mediation too late in the process. Mediation is a solution that should be utilized early in the dispute before time, money, and hurt feelings have had the chance to fester and grow.

Hiring a law firm, on the other hand, is an attempt to settle disputes without the court system, but still with an advocate on your side. Individuals will still seek their own Law Attorney, and the process is longer than the mediation process, with resolution sometimes taking 3-4 meetings, with time in between for reflection and strategy planning.

When it comes to divorce or dispute resolution, attorneys have a high success rate, often settling 90% of their cases without going to trial. Couples who are divorcing but are trying to keep the relationship civil are good candidates for this type of dispute resolution. Those arranging for custody of children would do well to contact an attorney or visit this website. For the sake of the children, it’s always best to avoid trial and the animosity it often brings, whenever possible.

Whether you’ve been married 25 years and have a great deal of property or you’re a young couple worried about your joint savings account, a Law Attorney in Miami, FL can help you address your simple or complex division of goods.