Construction Accidents Holland, MI – What Must Be Done

by | May 11, 2012 | Accident Attorney

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Businesses serving the entire construction industry are said to require the most physically challenging jobs, and as a result construction workers are said to be ten times more prone to experience accidents or even be killed while working. You might think that the company you are working with is the most responsible and safest construction company in Michigan, but still you cannot take away the risks of any construction accidents Holland, MI. There are people who are careless and negligent with their responsibilities which are the most common reasons for an accident to happen.

The construction projects require the workers to exert more physical effort and which expose them to many possible health hazards. There has been several construction accidents Holland, MI that have happened due to several factors and one among these factors is the use of faulty equipment. There are people who would still use those machines that are already showing some malfunctions and some of them are not well trained to use such equipment. Aside from damaged equipment, there’s also the risk of safety harnesses breaking, collapsing, and people falling from ladders. And one worst accident that may happen in a construction site is falling from a roof which can cause severe injuries and even death.

The Health and Safety Executive are actually enforcing strict safety regulations to prevent any type of construction accidents Holland, MI. However, the employer should be responsible enough to ensure the safety of its workers. But most of the time, the cooperation of employees is also needed on a construction site. It is a worker’s responsibility to report to his employer or contractors any defect on any equipment that is being used or any other problems seen on the construction site. Of course without proper implementation of health and safety practice, construction accidents will surely happen. The worst situation that may happen is that these accidents may result to severe injuries, which a construction worker may suffer from broken or fractured bones, torn muscles, spinal cord damage, head and neck injury, back injury, and many more. These injuries may further lead to disability resulting to lose of income.

If you are a construction worker, it is important to inform your employer whenever you are assigned to a job that doesn’t fit your skills. Remember that you should have enough training before performing any construction work. It is also important to inform them if the equipment you are using is not working well so that problems will be immediately solved and for you not to experience any serious accident.

If you are currently suffering or have suffered because you have been injured while working in a construction site, then you are entitled for a compensation claim. And if these injuries had restricted you from performing your everyday activities or have made you incapable to work again, then you have the right to file a compensation claim. This will allow you to be adequately compensated for your loss of income and the medical expenses you incurred during your recovery process.

For more information and assistance about how to claim your compensation after any construction accidents Holland, MI, contact a reliable construction accident attorney and he will help you file a lawsuit and guide you throughout the complete compensation process.

If you are a construction worker, you have to know your rights especially if you are currently suffering from injuries due to any. Seek legal advice from a qualified construction accident attorney. For more information, visit