Court Reporting Involves Much More than Stenography

In the information technology age, the ability to keep up with all of the latest innovations is essential, and nowhere is this more true than in the realm of court reporting in D.C. area. That is why when your firm needs court reporting services, you should choose an agency that does more than supply you with certified stenographers. As important as having high quality court reporters is, it is equally important that you have access to the latest technologies when it comes to court reporting, including interactive real-time reporting, videography, and the ability for video streaming.

Real-time court reporting can be a huge asset in hearings and in the courtroom because it allows your attorneys instant access to what has been said via computer screens. Of course, because this information is raw and unedited, it must be as accurate as possible when first entered by the court reporter, so dealing with a reputable agency when hiring out for court reporting is essential. That having been said, having immediate access to testimony can provide the turning point in proceedings, which is why real-time court reporting can be so beneficial.

In addition to real-time reporting, your firm can benefit from the latest advances in court reporting in many other ways. For example, transcripts and exhibits can be stored securely and electronically by your court reporting agency so that when you need to access a particular transcript, you have immediate access to it, regardless of your location. What used to require a substantial amount of time to find in legal filing cabinets that took up an inordinate amount of space in your office can now be accessed by your attorneys from home, in the courtroom, or while in an off-site conference room in D.C. while they are taking a deposition.

Finally, the use of modern video reporting when used in tandem with traditional court reporting means that you will have fewer references in the finished transcripts to portions of a trial, hearing, or deposition being “unintelligible” or “inaudible”. That is because your court reporter can go back, when necessary, to check the video recording for any words or phrases that might have been missed in the initial reporting. Usually, an inaudible comment is insignificant and does not necessarily detract from your case or your strategy, but when necessary, video reporting can sometimes provide for a much more accurate transcript.

Whatever your court reporting needs in the D.C. area may be, work with an agency that has modern capabilities, as well as the ability to provide you with the most experienced court reporters available. When your case depends on accuracy, immediacy, and professionalism, you will be glad that you did.


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