Determining Eligibility With A Workers Compensation Attorney In Wisconsin Rapids, WI

by | May 15, 2019 | Attorney

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In Wisconsin, worker’s compensation policies provide payments for injured workers. The payments cover medical expenses for an injury caused by the on-the-job accident. The worker receives monetary benefits if their recovery is lengthy or if their condition prevents them from working. A Workers Compensation Attorney Wisconsin Rapids WI helps workers who are denied any benefits.

The Original Injury Claim

The original injury claim is reviewed to determine what mistakes were made initially. In these cases, even a small error in the paperwork leads to a denial of benefits. An attorney reviews all documents associated with the case and find where the error was in the original claim.

The Terms of the Insurance Policies

The worker’s compensation policy purchased by the company defines the terms of coverage. The terms define what protocol is followed when claims are filed, and they outline any preliminary requirements that could prevent access to coverage. For example, if the policy requires that workers wear specific gear, the worker would be disqualified if he or she wasn’t wearing the gear at the time of the accident.

Drug and Alcohol Screening After Accidents

The worker’s compensation policies require all injured workers to submit to a drug and alcohol screening. If the worker tests positive for either substance, they are disqualified for worker’s compensation benefits. All safety policies and insurance policies have a clause for the use of alcohol and controlled substances.

The Eligibility of the Injured Worker

Any insurance provider that denied a claim where the worker was eligible for benefits faces a lawsuit. The attorney identifies any unethical tactics used to disqualify the worker for benefits. The only legal means for ineligibility occur when the injuries were caused by the worker. If the employer or service providers hired by the employer are liable, the worker could still get the benefits.

In Wisconsin, the workers establish eligibility for worker’s compensation after they are injured at work. The severity of the injuries defines if the worker receives monetary benefits. Workers who want to learn more about their rights contact a Workers Compensation Attorney Wisconsin Rapids WI through Duncan Disability Law S.C. and schedule an appointment right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.