Does Having A Lawyer Help When Applying For SSI Benefits?

Unfortunately for an applicant for SSI or SSDI the statistics are not good, the majority of initial applications are denied as are the pleas for reconsideration. This is true regardless of whether the initial application is made with the help of SSI disability lawyers or not. An application that is denied will go to a hearing which is held in the presence of an administrative law judge. It is when the application reaches the hearing level that that having a lawyer can really make the difference between winning the case and losing it. Of course, having a lawyer is no guarantee that the application will be approved but what is guaranteed is that the appeal will be developed correctly prior to the hearing.

The only thing the majority of people know about Social Security is that they will provide a small monthly amount upon your eventual retirement. These same people would have no reason to know how to prepare a disability case for a hearing, this of course is not the case with SSI disability lawyers; they are extremely familiar with all the rules, regulations and laws that apply to disability claims. A disability lawyer, based on practical experience knows what to expect from the administrative law judge and knows what questions to ask of the doctors and what answers to expect.

Disability lawyers, by law, only get paid by a client should they win the case. As a result the lawyers do a great deal to ensure that the claim has the best chance of being approved. The lawyer will track down hard to find medical records, get statements from all the attending doctors and apply all his or her knowledge of the SSA and historic rulings to the benefit of the current client.

Having said all this, an applicant for Social Security disability can win without legal representation, and occasionally the applicant actually wins. Chances of winning however are poor; this is exactly why the greatest majority of applicant hires SSI disability lawyers. When the risk of losing one’s future livelihood is that which is at stake it hardly makes sense to go it alone. It is not just that disability lawyers are mandated to work on contingency; their fees are also limited by law. Upon winning the lawyer will receive no more than $6,000 and this is paid from the back pay that you might otherwise never see.

SSI disability lawyers can make the difference between winning your case and losing it. To discuss your situation in detail you are invited to contact the Davis-Morris Law Firm. Visit the site website for more information.

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