The Legal Works of Dram Shop Claims and Premises Liability

by | May 25, 2015 | Legal Services

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Drunk driving is, by far, a leading cause of road accidents with severe injuries. Did you know that a business or individual that enables extreme intoxication can hold partial liability for an accident that results afterwards? This is called the Dram Shop law. Dram shop claims can be filed to a business that sold alcoholic beverages to an individual who was clearly intoxicated. There are on- and off-premises circumstances. On-premises means that a vehicle accident occurred on the property. A physical altercation provoked by the overly-intoxicated individual may meet the qualifications for Dram Shop claims too. If the drunken person physically assaulted someone and caused sizeable injury, the injured person may file a claim against the business.

Off-premises liability is when the business supplied the alcohol to the intoxicated person. They were aware that the disabling drunkenness was developed as result of the volume of alcohol consumed at their establishment. When they choose not to intervene and continue serving alcohol instead, they can be held liable. If you were injured by a drunken person and think the person got inebriated at an establishment that enabled the condition, you need a lawyer to prove your case. Your lawyer will generate documents that show official liability. Make note that the business will probably have many defences under their belt. The defence strategy of saying the person was already drunk and would have done the same damage whether they drank more or not, holds no weight in the legal system. Have your lawyer represent you for an unbreakable case.

When you’re on a public commercial property, you expect the building and surroundings to be safe. There are times when the property owner has safety hazards exposed to the public. If a person gets injured, a premises liability claim can be made. If you were injured from something like a slip and fall, a raised object striking you from above or a side-walk peril, the property owners holds responsibility. Your lawyer uses the legal expertise learned through experience and law school to develop an unconstrained case that grants you full restitution. Browse the site of Website Domain for more information.

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