What Can a Disability Law Firm Do for You?

by | May 20, 2015 | Lawyers

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Hiring a disability law firm could be the best decision that you make. If you are suffering from a disability that hinders you from working or making a viable income, you will need to apply for social security benefits. These benefits are offered under different government programs. To get enrolled in any social security program, you will have to file an application. Each year, millions of people send out applications. The result is as you would expect: only a very small percentage of people get accepted in to social security programs.

While most people are quick to blame the system for it, we believe that the primary fault lies in the application filing process. Every social security benefits program has a set number of requirements that need to be met. In many cases, you may be called in for an interview with a doctor that works for Social Security. The doctor writes a report, where the doctor makes an opinion about whether the disability is genuine, and whether it has a major effect on your lifestyle or not. If you hire a disability law firm, they can make your life exponentially easier. Here’s what we can offer you:

Complete Guidance

At Fred S. London, P.C., we have studied the disability law in detail. Over the past decade, Fred S. London, P.C. Law has become one of the top law firms in the country. With offices in Baltimore and Washington D.C., we offer complete guidance to our clients. Starting from an overview about the benefits program, we carefully highlight all of the salient features of the benefits that you can gain. From thereon, we will guide you throughout the application filing process.
Detailed Discussions

When clients first approach us, they mostly have no idea about the viability of their application. What are the chances of success? One of the biggest advantages of hiring a disability law firm such as Fred S. London, P.C. is that we will hold detailed discussions with you. We will tell you about your condition as well as its viability during the claim, as well as the chances of success.

Appeals Process

But what happens in case your application gets rejected? At Fred S. London, we are dedicated to helping our clients to the best of our abilities. We will guide you throughout the appeals process, and even prepare you in case of a hearing. With our experience to supplement your application, the chances of a successful appeal are dramatically improved.