Drunk Driving Law Attorneys in Fort Wayne IN Can Help Establish Innocence

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Lawyers

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Many people in the area enjoy a drink with dinner now and then, and that does not often result in problems. In some few cases, however, having as little as a single drink could prove troublesome, as when a police office later blows that admission out of proportion. As a result, some people in the area find themselves facing charges that are simply not justified and which could easily prove to be damaging if not countered. In just about every such case, getting in touch with one of the drunk driving law attorneys in Fort Wayne IN will be the best course of action.

Check out Thonert.net and it will be seen that there are good ways for drunk driving law attorneys in Fort Wayne IN to help clients escape such tricky situations. While some people assume that the bright lines laid down in the relevant laws mean that determining fault must be straightforward, the reality is quite a bit different. Even though legislators establish definite-seeming legal limits regarding blood alcohol levels and the like, practical considerations mean that the facts of actual cases tend to be quite a bit fuzzier.

For one thing, the so-called “breathalyzer” units that are used to support many charges are never as accurate as would be hoped. While the level of alcohol vapor present in an exhalation will correspond, to some degree, to the amount of the substance that was ingested, the variance will often be far too large to be useful. Even so, many people in the area end up being convicted because of such dubious evidence, even when the readings returned by a breathalyze were simply not accurate.

The same basic idea holds true of other means that are most commonly used to judge a person’s level of impairment. The field sobriety tests that many police officers will administer are infamously subjective and inaccurate, with some people seeming to fail them even with no alcohol in their system at all. For these and other reasons, those who end up in such difficult situations will very often do well to seek out the representation of an attorney who will understand the issues.