DUI in Philadelphia, Do You Know What You’re Up Against?

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Lawyers

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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) or any other alcohol or drug related driving offense you will definitely need to seek the council of a lawyer who is familiar with DUI’s in Philadelphia. Lawyers who specialize in these offenses can help considerably in reducing or avoiding altogether consequences and penalties associated with conviction. Knowing how and when to engage a DUI Philadelphia attorney may make the difference between staying free or going to jail, losing your driving privileges or getting a not guilty verdict.

Being arrested for a DUI is serious and there is a very good chance you will see the inside of a jail cell, lose your license and/or pay a large fine. These are only the immediate consequences, you may find yourself in difficulty in your work place, your future career prospects may be dimmer and you may have relationship difficulties at home. A DUI charge is the signal for you to seek the help of a DUI Philadelphia attorney. As DUIs and DWIs are complex issues in their own right, not every lawyer can be of assistance, the laws pertaining to the offense are very centralized and most specific in Pennsylvania. You will need the advice of a DUI Philadelphia lawyer who is intimate with all the traffic laws and motor vehicle laws. Field sobriety tests are one avenue an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to use in your favor.

When it comes to field sobriety test administered by an officer in Pennsylvania, you can use your option to challenge the results of the urine, blood or breathalyzer exams. In orde4r to challenge these results you will need a DUI Philadelphia attorney, to see just what he may be able to do for you in court. With the numerous laws that surround the proper and procedural process of administering these tests by each and every officer on the force there can be many things that are not performed up to code or correctly in the procedure. So is it possible to have your DUI Philadelphia attorney represent you so well that you receive a lighter sentence, or even in some cases have you’re charges dropped.

While challenging the results of a the breathalyzer, blood, urine and field sobriety tests is a valid legal defense; having good DUI lawyers in Philadelphia on your case means that you have many other options as well. Your rights are protected by law, but sometimes it’s best to admit that you need a lawyer to make sure that you are protected fully. In situations in which a misdemeanor can quickly be increased to a felony offense, it’s wise to go out and secure the very best possible representation, a DUI Philadelphia attorney who really knows their way around the courtroom.