DWI Attorneys Charleston- Making your DWI Consequences Lighter!

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Legal Services

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DWI attorneys at CharlestonThere are so many possible outcomes of DWI cases. This gives hope to the people charged with DWI offences. On working with the best DWI attorneys Charleston, you can be in a position to reduce your DWI charges or dismiss the case altogether. Therefore, the DWI attorneys have the capacity to influence the outcome of your DWI cases. Some of the possible consequences of DWI cases include the following;

* One of the outcomes that most people seek is the dismissal of the case. The DWI attorneys may argue out the case in such a manner that it is dismissed. There are several reasons as to why a DWI case may be dismissed. For instance, the prosecutor may call off the case for lack of evidence.

* The prosecutor may deem the evidence that he may have as inefficient to continue with the case. However, this is a rare occurrence since most prosecutors, no matter how weak the evidence may be, rarely drop the charges. The case may also be dismissed after the motion hearing in court. It is also possible to have the case dismissed by the jury after the jury trial. Experienced DWI attorneys Charleston are aware of the loopholes to utilize to ensure that your case is dismissed.

* Another favorable outcome of DWI cases that the DWI attorneys seek is that of plea bargaining. This involves resolving the DWI case through an agreement between the parties without the case having to proceed to court. The attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor seeking to settle to case out of court. This process prevents the accused from facing the jury in court. Plea bargaining is more favorable than a court charge and most of the detrimental outcomes of DWI cases can be avoided.

* In the serious DWI cases, dismissing the charges or seeking a plea bargaining may not be possible. In such cases, the accused will be charged in court and could be found guilty. This is especially so when the DWI driving resulted to the injury or even death of third parties. The DWI attorneys Charleston make the representation of the clients in court. Upon being found guilty, hefty penalties are imposed and the accused may even be heavily fined. Just like with other criminal cases, the accused can always file an appeal through his lawyer.

Apparently, the consequences of the DWI cases will depend on factors such as the seriousness of the case. The DWI attorneys are in a good position to examine the seriousness of the DWI cases and also the likely consequences. The attorneys could have handled numerous cases before, some similar to yours. Therefore, no matter how minor or serious your case may seem to be, the attorney can gauge its possible outcome and advise you accordingly.

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