Effectively Dealing with Debt Collections in St. Louis, MO

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Law

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Even though most people say that the rebound from the economic slowdown some years ago is about complete, there’s still a great deal of fallout from people who lost their jobs or perhaps had their hours or wages lowered. In these instances, many people accrued a great deal of debt. Not only did that existing debt spiral out of control, in order to make up for lost jobs or lost income, many people began paying bills on credit cards. Unfortunately, eventually the credit card balances ran out and many individuals were left with an inability to pay those debts. Many debtors, in order to try to collect began in-house or contracted Debt Collections St. Louis MO.

No one faults a creditor that wants to be paid back, but this situation can often be financially difficult for a consumer to handle. This creates a great deal of friction and sometimes debt collections can go too far when a creditor or an outsourced vendor is trying to collect on an existing debt. This is where an individual may want to consider legal counsel.

There are many reasons to speak to an attorney over debt collections in St. Louis MO. In some situations, a person will speak to an attorney to represent them to debt collectors. Many people feel a great deal of anxiety and stress when talking to debt collectors, but attorneys can level the playing field. In some cases, an attorney can negotiate with written agreements with debt collectors in order to reduce the amount of money owed, reduced interest payments and help the person pay off the debt in an acceptable period of time.

In some cases, an individual speaking with an attorney may have to consider bankruptcy. This is a way to legally wipe the slate clean of existing debt and stop efforts made by Debt Collections St. Louis MO in order to allow a person to get back on firm financial footing.

Whether you speak to an attorney to help negotiate with debt collectors, or you’re considering bankruptcy, this sort of advice is going to be invaluable. Speaking with an attorney at Van Dillen & Flood P.C. will help you to determine which option is better for your financial situation, and which option will give you the highest chance of moving forward to a better financial future.