Reasons You Might Need To Hire Sexual Abuse Lawyers

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Criminal Law

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Sexual abuse includes all genders and all ages, whether in a marriage or not. This may also include more than two accusers, as in cases of gang rape. Sexual abuse is defined as any sexual act performed using threats, coercion or force. All states criminalize sexual abuse, but the specific penalties and charges are different for each state. For instance, in Kansas, sexual abuse is defined as the intentional penetration of another person for the purposes of sexual gratification. However, many people are falsely accused of this crime every year.

Sometimes the victim, for some unknown reason, makes the allegations. In other cases, the victim actually gave consent, but later denied it. Sometimes the alleged offender has no memory of the incident due to a mental illness or alcohol and/or drugs. Since this category covers such a large group of offenses, the penalties vary depending on circumstances. However, the accused can be charged with a felony or misdemeanor.

Have you been accused of sexual abuse? If so, do not hesitate to contact Sexual Abuse Lawyers to see how the professional can help defend you. Sexual abuse charges are very serious, but the accused should be able to rely on their attorney’s expertise and experience to create the best plan of defense. It is crucial the attorney has experience in cases involving harassment, prostitution, rape, and other lewd conducts. Even if a person thinks his or her case is unwinnable, the right Sexual Abuse Lawyers may be able to successfully resolve the situation.

Lewd conduct, a misdemeanor category of sexual nature, can be hinted as a type of sex abuse. However, many of these are sufficiently serious to require the offender to be included in the sex offender registry. It can also be considered lewd behavior when a couple has sexual contact or explicit sex in a public place.

Indecent exposure is another sexual offense which can be classified as sex abuse. This involves exposing the chest, buttocks or genitals in a public place for sexual arousal or gratification, thus causing offense to others, being classified as endangering public morals. In the case of being found guilty, higher penalties involve spending years in jail. Contact to learn more. You can also like them on Facebook.