Family Law in Walker, MN Can Make Holidays Easier.

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Family Law and Divorce

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It can be tough for fathers with joint custody, especially on holidays and birthdays in the early years. However, families will become more comfortable with the arrangement, and they will find new ways to enjoy their time together. Some families continue to spend holidays together, and some even include new partners. Couples should follow Family Law in Walker MN and make a parenting agreement after a separation which should cover where kids spend holidays and birthdays, because with no plan in place, there’s tremendous room for miscommunication and disappointment on all sides.

Be Willing to Adapt

One great gift a parent can give their children is to avoid conflict over holidays and birthdays. In a collaborative divorce, the rule is to adjust the agreement to meet the kids’ needs. For instance, if the children want to spend a particular day with the other parent, the custodial parent should recognize the importance of allowing them to do it.

Plan Ahead

Parents should remember that new arrangements may require more planning than it took when everyone lived together. A way to avoid resentment and conflict is to communicate with the other parent often, and early, give them time to consider and respond to suggestions, and remember that pushiness almost never works.

Be Generous

Especially on special days, parents should work to keep any bitterness to themselves. Above all else, avoid putting kids in a position where they feel as if they are forced to take sides. Be kind about the children’s relationship with the other parent and encourage them to show happiness with them as well.

Plan with the Kids

Whenever possible, parents should consider the children’s input on where and when to celebrate holidays, and they should clear the plans with all involved, teaching kids to work together with both parents after a divorce.

Double Up on Celebrations

Having two birthdays or holiday celebrations is often a good solution for families. Just ensure that everyone works together on plans and that the plans are made in advance. Such an arrangement lets the kids know that they are part of two happy homes, and it can help families start new rituals and customs.

Divorces are hard on everyone, especially children. If parents visit our website, and if they hire a lawyer who knows family law in Walker, MN, they can enjoy time with their children while protecting their legal rights.