Family Mediation Helps Divorcing Parents With Custody and Visitation Issues

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Divorce

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Married couples who were planning to get divorced before the pandemic arrived may now face a disruption in the decisions they had made. A common example is a new disagreement about child custody and visitation because of social distancing guidelines. These couples may need a family mediation service in Miami, FL, to help them come to a reasonable solution.

Social Distancing and Co-Parenting

The parents might have decided they would share custody relatively equally or they may have created their own preferred visitation schedule. Social distancing orders made this problematic since nobody was supposed to be doing in-person visiting unless they were outdoors and maintaining 6 ft. of distance.

Of course, many individuals started to ignore those guidelines before the order expired. However, Florida has experienced a significant increase in the infection rate. That is leading to stricter measures being put in place. If the situation continues, new shelter-in-place orders may be issued.

Crafting and Documenting a Co-Parenting Agreement

A family mediation service in Miami, FL, can help when parents disagree about which home the children should live in full-time if a new executive order is placed. Parents trying to figure out safe visitation practices may want to have a family practice lawyer document their agreement with the court. This agreement may exclude activities like bringing the children to festivals, indoor parties, and amusement parks, for example.

Parents who are planning to end their marriage and need assistance with making custody and visitation agreements may visit the website for contact information.