The Advantages Of Working With A Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Keller TX

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Divorce

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Divorces do not need to be complex or difficult. One way to remove any contentious issues before the divorce process is to hire a collaborative divorce lawyer. This is an alternative form of dispute resolution for married couples breaking up. If you decide to do so to facilitate your divorce in Tampa, you are sure to become aware of the many advantages.

Collaborative Divorce and your Lawyer

Collaborative divorce is a means through which you and your partner can settle certain matters before entering into litigation. It requires a lawyer capable of working collaboratively and not litigiously. The approach must be one of problem solving, addressing quarrelsome issues and defusing them while finding a solution everyone can live with.

A lawyer who excels in collaborative divorce must place mediation and negotiation over acrimony and divisive tactics. Your lawyer must be capable of providing the type of legal support you need, listen to your demands and understand your needs, while not pursuing a combative direction.

Advantages of Using a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

This method of setting the groundwork for a peaceful divorce offers certain advantages. Among the ones most favored:

  • Everyone lays aside their differences and co-operates to find a solution that works for all parties

  • Results-focused

  • Cost-effective since they can prevent expensive and drawn out court battles

  • Informal neutral settings help reduce tension

  • The exchange of information is free, open and tends to be more honest when it is not filtered through legalese

  • Can reduce time by removing certain property, monetary and asset-based impediments to a smooth divorce

Hire a Professional Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

By choosing this method of alternative dispute resolution, you can remove many of the issues that can complicate a divorce. In fact, by utilizing the skills of a professional collaborative divorce lawyer, you can reduce many of the obstacles to your divorce while cutting down on the potential for heightened stress that comes with Mitchell Law Firm.