Filing a Product Liability Claim with Help from a Personal Injury Law Firm

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Law And Lawyers

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In Hawaii, product liabilities indicate the manufacturer was aware of a flaw or hazard and didn’t correct it. In turn, consumers become injured while using the product. In those cases, the victims could seek the assistance of an attorney or contact the Consumer Rights Protection Agency directly. A personal injury law firm provides legal assistance for consumers who are injured due to faulty products.

Collecting the Product for Testing

The victim who wishes to file a product liability claim must submit the product they used to their attorney. The product is tested independently by a lab and the findings are included in the legal claim. The tests must show the possibility that the victim’s injuries could have occured while using the product.

How the Consumer Rights Protection Agency Works

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency takes action when multiple consumers are injured while using a specific product. The agency has the legal authority to remove the product from shelves or the market altogether. The testing for products that are considered dangerous is conducted by the agency to prove the liability of the manufacturer. The agency has the right to issue a recall and identify any risks through a public warning.

Restrictions and Stipulations of Injury Claims

Victims cannot file a legal claim if they didn’t follow all instructions presented by the manufacturer. On the other hand, the manufacturer is required by law to affix warning labels to the product if a risk to consumers is possible. The labels must identify the exact risk and explain what consumers should do if the listed circumstances arise.

The Potential Outcome

The potential outcome of a product liability case is compensation for the victim’s losses. Typically, the award includes all economic losses sustained by the victim. The cost of the product, medical expenses, and any wages lost due to the injuries are recovered if the victim wins.

In Hawaii, product liabilities are the result of negligence and the failures of manufacturers. After an injury, the consumer could report the manufacturer to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency or file a legal claim. Victims who need help from a personal injury law firm should visit for more details now.

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