Get Quick, Easy Bail Bonds for Fast Release in Daytona Beach

Getting arrested is no fun. An inability to pay bail is even worse. If you can’t post bail, you have to sit in jail until court proceedings officially begin. That could be weeks or more. Luckily, bail bonds in Daytona Beach are easy and quick to get. Here’s how it works.

Make That Phone Call

Some time shortly after the booking process, you’re allowed a phone call. Call a bail bond agent immediately, or call a friend or a family member who can do it for you. To initiate the process, a bond agent merely requires some basic info, such as your name, date of birth, and where you’re being held. Occasionally, your booking number or your charges may also be needed. You may not know you’re official charges until your bail hearing or your arraignment. Don’t worry.

Take the Next Steps

After contacting a bail bond agent, someone acting on your behalf just needs to meet and speak with the bond agent. After filling out a little paperwork, the bond agent posts bond at the facility where you’re being held. After posting, you might be released immediately or within a few hours depending on location.

Paying for a Bail Bond

Paying for a bail bond is easier than you think. Bail bonds are an option for those who cannot post cash bail in full. A bail bond is typically about 10 percent of the full bail amount. There are many payment options to consider. Cash is king, of course, but in some instances debit or credit might also be acceptable. For more info on bail bonds in Daytona Beach, contact us.


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