How to Get the Compensation You Deserve with a Houston Auto Accident Attorney

by | Aug 14, 2021 | Lawyers

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Physical injuries are often the result of negligence. Many individuals have suffered injuries due to a slip and fall, medical malpractice, work related accidents, and motor vehicle accidents. Of all the injuries sustained by an individual, the most serious often result from car accidents. There are federal and state laws that mandate a car owner to carry an insurance, specifically for cases of accidents. It is therefore expected that an insurance lawyer will immediately be present upon notification of an accident to provide representation for the client.

Car accidents are the leading cause of serious physical injuries that require hospitalization. Even if the accident is unintentional, the driver remains liable for the damages incurred by the victim, and if the driver is insured, the insurance company will immediately come to the rescue. While some injuries are not fatal, they may result in serious physical disabilities that affect an individual’s ability to earn a living. It is critical to seek for legal representation immediately after a serious accident.

A Houston auto accident attorney provides legal representation in cases involving motor vehicle accidents. Understanding the intricacies of insurance law when you are suffering from injuries can be complicated, so you need to find someone who understands the laws. Some families are hesitant to consult lawyers, believing that they can settle the claims themselves with the insurance company. While this is true in most cases, will just compensation be provided to the victim? When self-representing, the victim runs the risk of being taken advantage of by insurance lawyers.

A Houston auto accident attorney will work with doctors or surgeons to determine the extent of the injuries, including whatever future repercussions are expected. As soon as a relevant diagnosis is provided, the claim will be immediately handled. If a case needs to be filed in court, the accident lawyers will do so. Depending upon the severity of injuries, there are different benefits available, and unless you are a lawyer or a student of law, you are unlikely to be familiar with them.

There is no guarantee that your medical bills will be fully covered by the insurance company. The legal teams that represent insurance companies know how to convince victims that they are offering just compensation for their physical injuries. Victims are usually pressured to agree to the settlement, and many victims have suffered due to their rash decisions and decided to hire accident attorneys to challenge the settlement claim. However, they should always be mindful of the statute of limitations.

Victims who are hesitant about consulting with accident lawyers should know that most work on a contingency basis, meaning that they take a percentage from the final settlement amount in payment for their services. In fact, some lawyers provide free consultations for accident victims, like the amazing lawyers at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner.