Hire A Chicago Social Security Lawyer to File a Disability Application

by | Mar 19, 2014 | Lawyers

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When people face a serious long-term illness or physical disability, they often have no source of income. There are no short-term governmental programs to help them. For the first year the government expects them to rely on their personal savings or their family. After that they may apply for one of the Social Security disability programs. However, the application process is very complicated and most applications are denied. While there is an appeals process any mistake can add months and even years to the time it takes to receive benefits. The most effective solution for a disabled person is to have a Chicago Social Security lawyer help them prepare their initial application.

The attorneys at Jeffrey Rabin & Associates have filled out many applications for Social Security Disability. They are familiar with what the reviewers look for and the level of detail that is necessary. They know how to explain a person’s injury or illness to show that they can’t work. It’s necessary to show what a person has to do to successfully meet their job requirements. It’s also necessary to list all of the physical, emotional and intellectual skills that a person must use on the job. They also have to list the various types of equipment that are routinely used. The disabled person has to show that they cannot operate the equipment or stand or sit as long as required to perform their activity. They must also list any accommodations that the employer made such as allowing a cashier to sit on a stool. If the accommodation didn’t help, they must state why.

Some Social Security reviewers still wrongly disapprove many of these applications. A Chicago Social Security lawyer knows how to apply for the quickest possible appeal before an administrative law judge. A lawyer representing the Social Security Administration will also be there. Therefore it is necessary for the disabled person to be represented by their own attorney, who can explain why the decision was wrong. If necessary, the lawyer will bring in medical experts to dispute the findings the Social Security reviewer. Browse the site Rabinslaw.com for more information.