Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Bellingham

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Lawyers

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It’s a beautiful day outside and people want to enjoy it. As a result, there are numerous cars on the road. A driver stops for a red light and the next thing he or she knows someone has rear-ended them. The driver in the front car is seriously injured and needs a Car Accident Lawyer In Bellingham. How should he or she go about choosing one?


The first thing to learn is whether the attorney has handled similar cases in the past. If so, how many were settled before going to court and how many actually went to trial? Victims need an attorney that has gone to trial and is willing to do so again, as this sends a message to the other side that the attorney won’t give up until his or her client receives fair compensation. The attorney determines which option is best based on the facts of the case.


A victim needs to find someone to advocate for them, as opposed to a friend. The attorney should have a good record of success. Board certifications should be taken into consideration, a person should look at the attorney’s peer ratings, and ratings from third-party sources, such as Martindale or Avvo, need to be taken into account. Every lawyer has a license. This does not mean they are prepared to take on a car accident case.


A good Car Accident Lawyer In Bellingham is passionate about his or her clients and fights to ensure their rights are protected at all time. The attorney should always put the client first, as opposed to his or her interests. If an attorney appears to not be interested in a case simply because there is little chance of a big award, it is time to look for someone new.

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