How Premises Liability and General Liability Differ in Naperville

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Law

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The difference between general liability and premises liability may not seem like it is that big of a deal. Talking to a premises liability attorney in Naperville will help you see that the differences are important from a legal standpoint. General liability discusses the harm done on or to a person’s property. Premise liability focuses on incidences where a person gets injured because the property owner or the property manager did not maintain the property.

A premises liability attorney in Naperville fights for their clients when a property owner fails to meet their duty of care. In other words, a property owner is responsible for keeping their premises reasonably safe for someone who visits their property.

From the standpoint of a premises liability attorney in Naperville, property that falls under a person’s premises includes land they own, vehicles they own, and their home. Many people are surprised whenever they learn the full spectrum of the properties they are responsible for.

For example, a business owner might be responsible for properties their business owns. A contractor has a duty of care for those who work on or visit their worksites. And landlords are responsible for maintaining their tenants’ living spaces.

A property owner could be held liable for an injury that occurred on their property even if they were not on the scene when the accident occurred and even if they have never visited the property before.

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