How Real Estate Lawyers In Bel Air, MD Protect Home Buyers

by | Sep 5, 2015 | Lawyers

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Maryland home buyers need help with these transactions. First-time home buyers don’t understand the repercussions of predatory terms. They may not understand how the sales contract affects their rights. Real Estate Lawyers in Bel Air MD helps them by analyzing the documentation for this transactions.

An Examination of the Sales Contract

The sales contract defines the terms of the sale. It identifies the total price of the property and the agent’s commission. The contract also defines what party pays the closing costs. It identifies who pays for repairs required for this property.

The attorney examines the sales contract. They determine if the contract reflects the buyer’s interests. They explain these terms to the buyer and make sure they understand what is expected. This prevents surprises for the buyer at the property closing.

Verifying the Property Title

Real estate attorneys research the property title. The search includes all title transfers for the last twenty years. This search is conducted to verify that the seller is the rightful owner. Any issues with the title could prevent the sale of the property. Visit here to find out more.

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects the interests of the buyer. When issues arise, it prevents the buyer from losing money. The insurance provides the buyer with a refund of their down payment. If the sale is stopped, they receive the exact amount they paid.

Reviewing the Mortgage Contract

Lending laws prevent lenders from including predatory lending terms. The attorney is familiar with these terms and identifies them through the evaluation. They require a loan modification if they discover any predatory terms. This protects the interests of the buyer by ensuring that they can afford the loan payments. It also prevents the possibility of foreclosure.

Maryland home buyers need reassurance about their choices. An attorney helps them with these challenges. They evaluate the sales and mortgage contracts. They research the title. Each of these tasks helps the attorney protect the interests of the buyer. Real Estate Lawyers in Bel Air MD help the buyer make sound decisions. Buyers hire Michael S. Birch Attorney at Law to help them with these requirements now.