Why Hiring a Work Injuries Attorney Makes Sense

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Lawyers

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Injuries occur in the workplace on a regular basis. Many of those injuries are minor and require little in the way of medical care. Serious injuries are another matter. When the issue is severe enough to prevent the individual from earning a living, seeking the services of a work injuries attorney is the right move. Here are some of the things that the attorney can do on behalf of the client.

Review the Specifics of the Injury
One of the first things a work injuries attorney will want to do is review all the relevant information about the injury. This includes going over what was happening just before the injury took place, how the injury occurred, and what happened once the injury was sustained. The goal is to reconstruct the events so that the attorney has a clear picture of how the event came to pass. This will go a long way in determining what sort of action should take place next.

Negotiating With the Insurance Company
In many instances, the insurance provider will want to seek to settle the matter without going to court. While that is fine, the provider also has a vested interest in trying to keep the settlement as low as possible. If any random remark can be construed as indicating the injured party was at least partially at fault, that would result in a lower offer.

The best approach is to not communicate directly with the insurance company at all. Instead, all queries should be directed to the attorney. Choosing this course of action will prevent the client from saying anything that could damage the chances for a better settlement. Even when all the parties sit down to negotiate, having the attorney there to go over responses to questions before submitting answers will ensure the discussion stays on track.

Taking the Matter to Court
When a settlement cannot be reached, the attorney can represent the interests of the client in a court of law. In the best-case scenario, the attorney will be able to demonstrate to the court why the injured party should receive the desired compensation.

For people who have been injured on the job and are not sure what to do next, visit Gbmcomplaw.com and schedule a consultation with an attorney. Doing so will be the first step in being able to move on from the accident.

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