How to Avoid Scams When Hiring a Bondsman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Attorney

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When a loved one has been arrested, his or her family members and friends should begin the process of finding a Bondsman in Fort Lauderdale Florida immediately. It’s not uncommon for those responsible for bailing out their loved ones to be under a substantial amount of stress during this time, and unfortunately, this can provide a perfect opportunity to unscrupulous bail bond agents. Read on to find out what to look out for to avoid scams.

Unrealistically Low Rates

If the bond agent offers a rate that seems too good to be true, chances are it is. Once these deceptive bondsmen have lured people in with promises of remarkably low rates, they wind up charging more money in interest than those that would have charged 10% interest for their services to begin with. This is the number recommended by law, so don’t believe bondsmen who offer lower interest rates without doing some homework as to whether there are any hidden costs.

Jailhouse Solicitation

It’s illegal for bondsmen to approach detainees inside of a jail. Those who choose to flout this law are clearly desperate and should not be trusted. They are often unethical and may end up going back on already agreed-upon terms to make more money.

Willingness to Work Outside of the Law

Bondsmen that offer interest rates below 10% are often, operating without valid licenses. Their willingness to do so should be taken as a warning sign of additional trouble to come. If there are any red flags, such as requests to wire money or make payments over the phone, unrealistically low rates, or any form of solicitation, look elsewhere for a Bondsman in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

The Take-Away

It’s never legal for bondsmen to actively solicit clients either in jail or outside of jail, nor is it legal to solicit payments via credit card or wire transfer over the phone instead of in person at the bondsman’s office. According to federal law, they must also post 10% bail, which means those offering to finance for less are usually operating without licenses or planning to scam more money in other ways. Visit  for a reputable and reliable bondsman and to avoid dealing with unfortunate scams.

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