The Facts About Trucking Accidents

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Attorney

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According to a recent survey, there are almost 500,000 trucking accidents per year in the United States, which is an incredibly large number of accidents. However, it’s not as extreme as it might seem when you consider the fact that nearly 15 million trucks are driving on the highways at practically all hours of the day. As a truck driver, it’s possible you will experience an accident and having the assistance of trucking accident attorneys in Woodcrest can make the aftermath easier.

What Makes Trucking Accidents Unique

When a trucking accident happens, a truck driver is traditionally treated a little differently than typical drivers on the road. They are under stricter rules, especially if it’s discovered they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol but are also afforded some amount of protection by the company that they work for.

Special Situations

You should also be aware that if it’s found that your trucking company is neglectful of their employees, such as overworking them, they are liable to pay for the victims of the truck accident out of pocket. Having a trucking accident attorney is generally an excellent idea as they will help you in fighting to get the justice that you deserve, especially if the company’s attorneys attempt to prevent you from gaining compensation.

Keep This in Mind

After an accident, watch what you say at the scene as some words could be used against you in court. You should also seek immediate get medical treatment. Next, filing a police report and speaking with your insurance company are crucial steps. Just putting in place these precautions will give you a better chance of success when you move to the courtroom.

Experienced Attorneys When You Need Them

Finding reliable trucking accident attorneys in Woodcrest can be tricky, but it’s always best to see one that has had experience in handling accident cases involving trucks. It’s also best to choose someone with a positive reputation who is willing to fight for you so that you know what is going on every step of the way.

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