How to Find a Divorce Law Firm in University Place

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Attorney

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Couples going through a divorce will need to be ensured of an equitable and fair split of their assets as well as their debts. The courts will factor in the financial circumstances of both spouses when making this decision. Since Washington state is a no-fault divorce state, the courts will divide these obligations regardless of marital wrongdoing. The judge will have the task of figuring out what is fair and equitable. Since there is so much at stake, emotionally as well as financially, for people in the midst of a divorce, they need to hire a divorce law firm in University Place to guide them through the process.

If there are children involved, disputes over a parenting plan can hinder the cooperation between the couple. The court will only be concerned with the best interests of the children and will not be concerned with what the parents wish for. Depending on age, a child’s desire will be the priority for the court. At all times, parents should strive to keep the children out of a custody dispute. Getting them involved is not healthy for them. Child support is another area couples often have difficulty working out on their own. Both parents have an obligation to financially support their children until they reach adulthood. An experienced attorney at a divorce law firm in University Place will ensure that a child receives the necessary support and see the amounts are correct.

Oftentimes, the couples try to figure out the best way of splitting their assets and arrange child custody, but harsh feelings and emotions usually interfere with this happening. Retaining an experienced divorce lawyer will keep emotions out of the proceedings as best they can and keep things moving forward. Attorneys can explain the law as well as the rights a client has throughout the entire process. They will try to portray their client in the most advantageous way possible to the court during any hearings. They will try to work out any problems with opposing counsel to avoid having to make repeated appearances in court. For more information on an experienced family law firm, visit website.