The Illinois Lemon Law

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Lawyers

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Every state has a version of a lemon law. Lemon laws are laws that have been legislated that provide protection to those consumers that have purchased a flawed vehicle. The Illinois Lemon Law covers new cars and some other vehicles. What it boils down to is buyers of new vehicles are granted recourse in the event the vehicle they buy has a serious flaw, the recourse under law is either a replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price.

Vehicles covered:

  • All new cars
  • Trucks and vans under 8,000 pounds
  • Vehicles under one year old or fewer than 12 thousand miles
  • The vehicle must have been purchased in Illinois

Used cars, motorcycles or any vehicle that has been modified is not covered under the Illinois Lemon Law. The law in Illinois also covers leased cars, the same restrictions and requirements apply as those applicable to a purchased vehicle.

Filing a claim in Illinois:

It is always a good idea to retain a lemon law attorney when you have reached the point where you know you have a lemon and you are about to make a claim. There are certain things that any owner should do in the event of a future problem:

Always keep all service records and repair receipts; when your vehicle is in the shop, log the dates that it went in and was returned to you. The vehicle must have been in for repair a total of 30 days minimum before it can be classified as a lemon under the Illinois lemon law.

The law provides the manufacturer or the dealer four chances to repair the defect.

The benefits of having a lawyer:

All laws, including lemon laws, are complex. A seasoned lemon law lawyer knows the laws, knows how to employ them and in most cases can expedite your case.

The Illinois Lemon Laws are complicated, to ensure you get the best results in the event you purchased or leased a lemon you should hire an experienced attorney. For information you are invited to visit us