Is Securing the Services of a Social Security Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI Really Necessary?

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Lawyers

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Many people believe that claiming Social Security benefits is no more difficult than filling out an application and waiting for the approval to go through. While that can be the case in some situations, others find that their first claims are denied. A better approach is to work with a Social Security Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI and make sure everything is in order before that first claim is filed. Here are some examples of how the attorney will make a difference.

Claiming Disability Benefits

Often a claim is denied because some key type of information is omitted from the first claim. At other times, the details are not as complete as they need to be in order for the claim to be approved. By working with a Social Security Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI, it is possible to make sure that first claim is detailed and accurate. That will increase the odds of receiving an approval and beginning to enjoy the benefits.

Dealing with Rejections

For anyone who has filed a claim only to have it rejected, it pays to have an attorney look over all the documentation before submitting an amended application. This is because the claim was likely not reviewed in full. That process stopped when the first issue was detected. As a result, there could be other issues later in the document that would lead to a second rejection. Rather than go through the frustration of having the claim rejected a second time for a completely different reason, let an attorney look over everything first. If there are other potential issues, they can be fixed before the new claim is submitted.

Taking the Matter to a Review Board

If the paperwork is in order and the claim is still rejected, the attorney can petition for a review. It is important to know that the client does not necessarily have to be present for the review. This is especially helpful for clients who have limited mobility or some type of issue that makes it hard for them to be in public places. The attorney can represent the interests of the client and make the case of why the client should receive benefits.

For those who need to file a claim, click here to find out more about how an attorney can help. With the right legal representation, the claim will go through and the matter will be settled.