Key Reasons for Hiring a Lawyer Who Practices in Criminal Law in Decatur, AL

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Lawyers

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Being arrested for any crime can have long-lasting ramifications on your life. You stand to lose money, your reputation and even your freedom if you are convicted.

Rather than take your chance in front of a judge or jury alone, you can protect your rights and better your chances of avoiding harsh penalties by hiring an attorney to represent you. These reasons are some to convince you to hire one who practices in criminal law in Decatur, AL, today.

Protecting Your Rights

One of the main reasons to retain a lawyer who practices in this area of law involves ensuring that your constitutional rights are protected. Without an attorney by your side, you could inadvertently agree to circumstances of your arrest or accidentally implicate yourself in a crime that you did not commit.

Your lawyer knows what your rights are and will guarantee that they are protected. He or she can be by your side during your arraignment, trial and sentencing.

Your lawyer can also argue down the charges or have them dismissed based on the facts of your case. You may avoid going to prison or jail and also escape having to pay significant fines.

You can learn more about the reasons to hire an attorney who practices in criminal law in Decatur, AL, online. Contact the Belser Law Firm, LLC to set up a consultation or go to website to retain a lawyer today.

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