The Importance of Retaining a Divorce Attorney in Frederick for Your Case

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Law

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Married couples who decide to end their marriages have the right to handle their divorces on their own. They can go to the courthouse, file the required paperwork and pay the fees to get their petition on the court docket and heard by a judge.

However, having the right to handle your divorce by yourself does not necessarily mean that it is the best decision. In fact, you could get a less than desired outcome if you do not have an experienced attorney representing you. With that, these reasons can convince you of the wisdom of hiring a knowledgeable divorce attorney in Frederick for your case.

Reclaiming Your Maiden Name

One of the primary reasons to have a lawyer on retainer involves getting your last name changed back to what it was before you got married. Changing your name requires a separate legal petition during the divorce. Your attorney can ask the judge to reinstate your maiden name after the divorce is finalized.

Winning Support Payments

Your attorney can also establish with the court the reason why you need support payments from your spouse. You may be entitled to spousal and child support each month. The lawyer can ask the judge to award you payments that are in line with what is required by the laws in your state.

You can learn more about hiring a divorce attorney in Frederick online. Contact Russell & Heffner LLC to set up a consultation today.