Managing a Dog Attack Case with Personal Injury Attorneys in Valdosta, GA

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Personal Injury Attorney

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In Georgia, personal injury laws dictate how victims must proceed after a dog attack. In most cases, the victims go to the doctor and the animal is reported to animal control. The laws indicate that all dogs and cats are to be vaccinated for the rabies virus to prevent dangerous circumstances. Personal injury attorneys in Valdosta, GA provide legal representation for all victims of animal attacks.

The Last Known Location of the Dog

The victim must explain the last known location of the dog if the whereabouts aren’t known. An animal control officer will investigate and locate the dog whenever possible. The pet owner will be informed of the attack and told what to do next.

Why Is Animal Control Necessary?

Animal control officers require proof of vaccinations for all dogs and cats. If the dog wasn’t vaccinated, the pet owner must surrender the animal for a 12-day quarantine period for an evaluation. The process determines if the animal has rabies. If the dog has rabies, it must be euthanized. If not, it is possible that the dog is returned to its owner after getting vaccinations.

Always Get Medical Treatment

Victims are advised to get medical treatment for their injuries and determine how severe the injuries are. The records provide documentation for the victim’s injuries that are used in court if the victim decides to pursue a legal claim. The documents help the victim pinpoint the dog to their injuries and show the owner’s liability.

Strict Liabilities and Dangerous Animals

Strict liabilities apply if the dog was deemed dangerous due to a previous attack. In the state of Georgia, all dangerous animals are added to an online database for each county. if the dog is on the list, the pet owner must pay all medical requirements for the victim and will face hefty criminal penalties.

In Georgia, personal injury laws outline the requirements for pet owners after their dog attacks a human. The laws also explain how the victim can seek monetary damages through a lawsuit.