Managing a Medical Malpractice with Personal Injury Law Attorneys in Gonzales, LA

by | Aug 20, 2018 | General

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In Louisiana, medical malpractice cases are the direct result of a doctor’s failure to provide adequate healthcare. The cases involve an error or failure that led to a patient-related injury. Personal injury law attorneys in Gonzales, LA represent patients who were injured by their doctor unnecessarily.

Get a Second Opinion

The patient is encouraged to acquire a second opinion from another physician after an injury or error. The documentation could present evidence of how the injury happened and where the original doctor failed the patient. All documentation is used when the patient files a legal claim against the doctor.

Why Patients Need a Medical Witness

A medical witness is another doctor who has the same credentials as the defendant. It is vital to secure a medical witness to acquire medical information pertaining to the victim’s injuries. The doctor can provide a complete assessment of the patient’s care and determine where the error happened. The witness can also testify about whether or not the defendant provided a low standard of care for the patient.

Identifying the Exact Reason for the Injury

The medical records are needed to determine the exact reason for the injury. All records related to the treatment or surgical procedure performed are secured for the medical malpractice case. The attorney may need to file a motion to secure the records before the hospital board conducts damage control.

Compensation for Injured Patients

The compensation provided to the injured patient include all economic losses they incurred. Funds are provided to cover the full cost of the patient’s medical care. Any wages they lost due to their recovery from the injury are replaced through the award. Doctors are also assigned punitive damages as a form of punishment.

In Louisiana, medical malpractice presents doctors with a serious liability. It indicates that the doctor didn’t follow federal laws and didn’t provide a high standard of healthcare for their patient. The cases outline the exact injuries sustained by the patient and how it impacted their lives. A local attorney helps patients who are injured by their doctor. Victims who need to speak to personal injury law attorneys in Gonzales, LA can browse our website for more info now.