Reviewing A Claim With A Slip And Fall Accident Attorney In Boston, MA

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Accident Lawyer

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In Massachusetts, residential and commercial property owners are responsible for keeping their properties up to code at all times. They are also required to mitigate common risks to visitors and service providers who have permission or other authorization to enter the property. A Slip And Fall Accident Attorney in Boston MA provide assistance for victims of premise liabilities.

What is a Premise Liability?

A premise liability involves hazards around or inside a residential or commercial property. The hazards had to be in locations in which there wasn’t possible for the owner to be aware of the issue. Typically, the liabilities include but are not limited to uneven flooring, damaged flooring, damaged asphalt in parking lots, and obstructions in aisles.

How is the Property Owner Accountable?

The property owner must provide all visitors with a safe property and mitigate risks at all times. For example, in a retail store, employees are required to follow safety policies and clean up spills and remedy unsafe conditions. Warning signs must be present at any location in which a potential slip and fall accident is possible.

What Does the Victim Need?

The victim needs all medical records that show their exact injuries. They also need invoices for any medical treatment received for the slip and fall accident injuries. Any ongoing treatment must be presented in the legal claim and estimated costs must be calculated for the victim.

What is the Potential Outcome of the Case?

The projected outcome for victims who win their premise liability claims is based on their total financial losses. If the injuries are more severe, some tort-based awards are possible. Any permanent disabilities are managed through a lump sum settlement to replace future wages for the victim. Punitive damages aren’t common in premise liability cases.

In Massachusetts, residential and commercial property owners must provide a duty for any party that enters their property. If any visitor is injured due to risks in or around the property, the owner is liable for the expenses associated with the injuries. Victims of a premise liability who need legal assistance from a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney in Boston MA can Click here for more details today. You can also visit them on Facebook.